Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton is an experimental artist, poet and film maker, and has exhibited widely including a debut solo exhibition for the 56th Venice Biennale. He was awarded the Tithe Grant by The Blake Society judged by Sir Alan Parker. He produced the global Sonic Art project 'We Love You,' as well as the world's first Acid House album. He was the curator for Future Forests, which first presented the carbon neutral concept, and planted over ten million trees world wide. His experimental poetry and writing practice includes sculpting in 4.5 billion year old meteorites, making crop circles and 'UFO’ films.

The Yeti Society

The Yeti Society

by Martin Sexton

  • Paperback $15.26 (RRP : $16.95 save $1.69)

The modern myth of America alludes to a bipedal ape-like species that predominantly haunts the Pacific North West rain forest, except that it is both an ancient and modern myth. The Native Americans... (more)

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