Swami Anand Nisarg

Swami Anand Nisarg has been a practitioner of both western magick and eastern mysticism for over twenty years, and has been studying the I Ching for the same length of time. He is the Guru of a Tantric Mystery School lineage, devoted full-time to teaching on the principles of universal mysticism, and works with a focus on encouraging authentic practice for the experience of Truth, choosing to work closely with a small number of dedicated students rather than seeking to appeal broadly to a popular audience. In his work with the Mystery School he has sought to study and express the common core of Eastern and Western Esoteric symbolism.

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The Magician's I Ching

The Magician's I Ching

by Swami Anand Nisarg

  • Paperback $20.99
  • eBook $17.00 (RRP : $20.99 save $3.99)
  • Paperback + eBook $23.79 (RRP : $37.99 save $14.20)

The Magician's I Ching is a complete workbook for I Ching study, written in a serious but approachable style, for use from the beginner to the very advanced level, and for anyone who is interested in... (more)

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