Schizophrenics Can be Good Mothers Too

Author(s) : Q. S. Lam

Schizophrenics Can be Good Mothers Too

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How do you rebuild a mind shattered by psychosis? Not just take the tablets - but experience a fulfilling and creative recovery, that doesn't depend on medication?

Making use of her creative skills and the insights acquired about her mental health condition over twenty-five years, the author shows us a path towards a fulfilling and creative recovery that is not dependent on medication and traditional psychiatric methods. She uses her experiences to dissect and demystify psychosis. She addresses important questions about the role of psychiatrists and hospitals and the extent to which they help or impede recovery. Weaving together prose, artwork and poetry she explores how art and other integrative strategies can be used to avert repeat psychotic episodes and to consolidate that crucial, nascent maternal bond with her children.

The author examines, with unflinching honesty, topics related to psychosis, postpartum psychosis, and the impact of psychosis on motherhood. This book will provide invaluable insights into difficult and often misunderstood subjects appealing to fellow mothers, the general public, and mental health care practitioners.

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'Absolutely unbelievably brilliant!'
- Stephen Fry, actor, writer, broadcaster and President of MIND

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