Events and Seminars

Event:Women's Health & Hormones Naturopathic Summit
Date:06/09/2021 - 17/09/2021
Duration:12 days
Extra Info:Join global experts in naturopathy and women's health in this summit organised by the Association of Naturopathic Practioners. There are a total of 16 webinars, covering subjects such as:
Our Planet, Our Bodies: Understanding and Practicing Exposome Medicine in Women’s Hormonal Health - with Dr Aviva Romm
Addressing Inflammation and Sexual Dysfunction in Endometriosis - with Leah Hechtman
Oxytocin in Women's Health - with Dr Trina Doerfler
Clinical Considerations for Menopause - with Dr Jill Stansbury
The Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Women's Health - with Emma Cannon
Supporting Adolescent Women's Health - with Lorna Driver-Davies
Naturopathic Approached to Unexplained Infertility - with Marie Reilly, Aeon author
Organised By:Association of Naturopathic Practioners
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