Earth Divination, Earth Magic: A Practical Guide to Geomancy

Author(s) : John Michael Greer

Earth Divination, Earth Magic: A Practical Guide to Geomancy

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Alex Greene on 06/09/2021

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I bought this book in order to further my studies of geomancy. I was able to download and use the ebook version immediately, once the order had been placed - and the hardcopy book itself arrived in perfect nick a few days after the order was placed.

This is just the book for beginners to geomancy. It explains the geomantic figures, the creation of geomantic shields, the connections to astronomy, the long history of geomancy, and its origins in the Middle East and Africa, as well as its heyday in the Renaissance as the Western answer to the Chinese I Ching.

As a bonus, the book also describes how to use geomantic sigils in magic, in the creation of talismans and other such items to enhance your workings - or to provide the medium through which to work your will in workings.

Geomancy is one of the oldest forms of magic going. It is well worth buying this book to begin your pursuit of this neglected but not forgotten art.