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The Brain Injuries Series

The Four Emperors Series
Had the Emperor Nero foreseen the events on the next eighteen months he might have paid more attention to affairs of state than his new water organ. Now Nero is dead and four very different men compete to be his successor; the authoritarian reformer Galba, reckless charmer Otho, dissolute glutton Vitellius and no nonsense general Vespasian. Aiding, abetting, and hindering these pretenders are the slaves and freedman of the palace. These are dangerous times and their very survival depends on picking the right side at the right time, for this is 69 AD, The Year of the Four Emperors.

The Harris Meltzer Trust Series

The Karnac Library

The Library of Couple and Family Psychoanalysis

New Library of Psychoanalysis

The Tavistock Clinic Series