Anthony Bogrjantseff

Anthony Bogrjantseff was born in Estonia. He studied music and sociology, and having completed his postgraduate education continues a life-long study and self-improvement. One of his major interests is societal psychology and insightful spirituality. He has been published in Germany and the UK, and originally writes in Russian; Talking to a Shaman is his first book in English. He wants to share his innovative and unique way or presenting the life-improving ideas and techniques through this book which is a first in the series of Talking to a Shaman. Anthony currently lives in London.

Talking to a Shaman

Talking to a Shaman

by Anthony Bogrjantseff

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This book focuses on spirituality, mind-body health, trans-personal psychology, and spiritually oriented self-help. It aims to engage, improve, inspire, educate, motivate and be emotionally healing... (more)