A Brain Of My Own: A memoir about dissociation dissolved

Author(s) : Wendy Hoffman

A Brain Of My Own: A memoir about dissociation dissolved
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A Brain of My Own is about slavery, about brains stolen in childhood and before; brains that have been intruded upon, stopped, shrunk, paralyzed. We know about the history of people whose bodies were enslaved; but we know barely anything about the victims who appear free but whose brains are invisibly chained. Nor do we know about the international collusion, silence, and apathy that surround this kind of slavery.

A Brain of My Own describes Wendy Hoffman’s final years of attempting escape from the criminal mind control cult into which she had the misfortune of being born. This is her third memoir, and chronicles the final years of reclaiming her brain, including the ongoing abuse and torture during her recovery process. Hoffman describes the ways in which perpetrators manipulate the brain to create amnesiac barriers, methods held secret for generations. She exposes the duplicity of perpetrators functioning as normal people in the ordinary world and what is under their masks. She gives advice about how to spot seemingly helpful people who are actually out to destroy victims of mind control.

This kind of dissociation is difficult to overcome, but the path back to full humanity is possible and happening.

About the Author(s)

Wendy Hoffman is a survivor of organized criminal abuse and has been a psychotherapist for over two decades working in general practice and the field of recovering dissociated memories and trauma. She has a masters in social work and two masters of fine arts. Now that she has brought together the separated parts of her mind, taken her life back, and achieved freedom, she wants to help other survivors also become free of mind control.

Wendy recorded her struggle to free herself from imposed dissociation in her memoirs Enslaved Queen (2014), White Witch in a Black Robe (2015) and now A Brain of my Own (2020). She co-authored a book of essays, From the Trenches, with Alison Miller (2018).

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Reviews & Endorsements

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Ellen Lacter, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist on 16/03/2022

Wendy Hoffman’s book can help support and guide therapists who work with clients who are being subjected to ongoing extreme abuse, or who have clients who may still be being abused, but are not yet aware of this.

She also guides therapists to help survivors recognize when their abuse is ongoing.

Ms. Hoffman explains that survivors’ search for self-knowledge—for the truth about their life and connecting to all parts of themselves – is of more value than anything else, even if the abusers escalate their abuse.

The book does not pull any punches about how widespread ritual abuse and mind control are, how many layers of programming may have been inflicted on victims, and the difficult nature of the healing journey.

However, Ms. Hoffman explains that the value of a safe therapist, who walks beside the survivor in this journey, cannot be overstated.

Safe therapists sustain survivors, help them connect to their own value, and build hope that some people are good.

Furthermore, as dissociated parts of self (dissociated identities) become conscious of their programming and co-conscious with each other, abusers no longer can control them with programming or re-programming. Having connected to their own will and to the support of each other prevents that. This is when the abuse can finally stop because abusers fear victims who can register memory for ongoing abuse. Such victims can report these crimes.

All of this is important knowledge for therapists who work beside survivors as they work to reclaim their lives.