Spiritual Herbalism: The Magic and Medicine of the Plants

Author(s) : Josh Williams

Spiritual Herbalism: The Magic and Medicine of the Plants

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Spiritual Herbalism unlocks the powerful, magical, and transformative gifts of the plant world and invites you to engage in a reciprocal relationship with our green allies and their medicine.

Over many years of teaching, Josh Williams has watched students develop incredibly potent relationships with plants, creating change that is healing, visionary, awakening and restorative. Whether you are a trained or traditional herbalist, tea-drinker or tincture-maker, gardener or forager, wild wanderer or city-dweller, the blessings of the plants are available to you – as they have always been to your ancestors.

The book offers many tools and insights along the path of this exploration, presenting new perspectives on the virtues of herbs and how we might relate to them as medicine for the soul, as well as the body. Chapters encompass the breadth of spiritual herbalism including its history, the systems of synergy in the body, along with rituals, ceremonies, recipes, guidance for harvesting, making and taking herbal medicine – and detailed explorations of the spiritual nature of 19 herbs including yarrow, rose, hawthorn and elder.

Written for trained herbalists and student alike, Spiritual Herbalism opens up the possibility of stepping into a sacred space where the personality and potency of each herb unfolds in magic and deep medicine.

Josh Williams discusses the healing powers of Holly, Ivy, Juniper, Pine and Fir

Watch the video recording of 'Evergreen Lore, Magic and Medicine - The Greening of Wintertide' here

About the Author(s)

Josh Williams runs a successful clinical practice and herbal apothecary near Salt Lake City, USA. He is an inspired and dedicated teacher of spiritual herbalism with over 20 years of experience, having himself studied under many celebrated herbal elders including Paul Beyerl, Kami McBride, Michael Tierra, and KP Khalsa. Josh is also a founding member of the Utah Tea Guild and the Wasatch Herb Festival, and The Green Arte tradition.

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Reviews & Endorsements

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Lucy Jones, MA(Oxon), MSc, Dip BotM, MURHP Registered Medical Herbalist and author of Self-Sufficient Herbalism on 11/01/2022

“In Spiritual Herbalism Josh Williams points out that conventional western herbalism disregards hugely important aspects of our relationship with herbs. He encourages us to look at our familiar herbal friends in a new light, so that we can deepen our respect for them and understand better what they bring to our healing. If you’re drawn to deepening your relationship with herbs, this book is an absolutely essential read!"

Pam Montgomery, herbalist, international teacher and author of Plant Spirit Healing on 11/01/2022

“Spiritual Herbalism is a testament to working within 'The Craft’ and infusing herbalism with spirit while working in magical ways. But there is so much more including rituals, herbal bathing, crafting magical preparations, herbal energetics and plant dieting to mention a few. As more and more people wake up to the sacred magic of the green beings Spiritual Herbalism will become like a trusted friend guiding the way."

Robin Rose Bennett, storyteller/herbalist/green witch/activist, author of Healing Magic - A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living and The Gift of Healing Herb on 11/01/2022

“Spiritual Herbalism is a welcome addition to the library of herbal books by practicing herbalists written to inform people about the physical medicine of plants, and the essential medicine of reweaving the web of relationship between people and our green relatives. His voice is warm and welcoming as he shares herbal recipes and rituals and invites the reader to open to this sense of connectedness. Williams’ heart is clearly committed to the work of awakening respect and gratitude for our healers, the plants.”