The Hand Reveals: A Complete Guide to Cheiromancy the Western Tradition of Handreading - Revised and Expanded Edition

Author(s) : Dylan Warren-Davis

The Hand Reveals: A Complete Guide to Cheiromancy the Western Tradition of Handreading - Revised and Expanded Edition

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  • Publisher : Aeon Books
  • Published : May 2020
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 288
  • Category :
  • Catalogue No : 94500
  • ISBN 13 : 9781912807727
  • ISBN 10 : 1912807726
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Cheiromancy is the art of handreading in which all aspects of a person's hand are considered in order to gain an accurate picture of their inner nature. Cheiromancy is distinct from the fortune telling of palmistry. What has come down to us as palmistry today is a rather degenerate and effete form of this ancient discipline. The word cheiromancy comes from the Greek chir meaning `hand' and manteia meaning 'divination', literally meaning 'divination through the hand'.

The Hand Reveals is written as a practical guide to reading hands; it is not merely theoretical. As various points are described, through out the book, try to apply this knowledge at every opportunity to find confirmation of the ideas. There is a considerable amount of knowledge and information compressed into these pages, and even the most diligent student would have difficulty in digesting it in one reading. It is recommended that you refer back as often as necessary to go the material you have read, to allow your understanding of cheiromancy to grow gradually. Originally published in 1990 this edition has been revised and updated with new material.

About the Author(s)

As the son of a medical herbalist, Dylan has been exposed to the healing qualities of herbs since early adolescence. He has spent over 30 years researching, teaching and writing about the metaphysical basis of the European herbal tradition. Parallel to his herbal work, Dylan is also a very experienced hand reader. He was been invited to contribute to the Oxford Companion to the Body, a section on Palmistry, published by Oxford University Press.

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