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Jungian Studies
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Tarot Magic by Paul Hughes-Barlow
Earthing the Tunnels of Set by Linda Falorio
The Demise of the Golden Dawn by Richard Collet
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Aeon Books publishes a mixture of new and classic titles whose common denominator is originality, readability and a dedication to advancing the human spirit. Based in London, England, Aeon Books publishes authors from around the world.
How to See Fairies : Discover your Psychic Powers in Six Weeks
How to See Fairies : Discover your Psychic Powers in Six Weeks
Our Price : £13.99
Author : Ramsey Dukes
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Ramsey Dukes unleashes his formidable expertise to create perhaps the most practical book ever written on developing psychic powers. Taking the form of a six-week course, Dukes' exercises lead the reader on an exploration of magic as the art of adding meaning to our lives. Amazingly concise, he shows us how to master pendulums, tarot, auras, nature spirits, and much else besides. In Dukes' hands, psychic powers are revealed to be the gateway to a profound enrichment of ordinary experience. (more...)
Secrets of Kings College Chapel
Secrets of Kings College Chapel
Our Price : £9.99
Author : Nigel Pennick
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Today, King’s College Chapel is the iconic image of the City of Cambridge.

The chapel was founded in 1446 by the mystically-inclined King Henry VI, known in his time as "the royal saint". The king gave his builders complete instructions for a magnificent chapel of cathedral dimensions, every part of which had a mystical and spiritual meaning. This "final flowering of the Great Work' was designed from the principles of sacred geometry, laid out and orientated by the ancient geomantic practice of the operative masons who built it.

This book gives an historic overview of the chapel, and a summary of its construction, notable for its stunningly beautiful fan-vaulting and exceptional stained glass which still exists in its entirety. Although the chapel’s original significance as a symbolic structure has been eroded over the centuries, it remains a place of wonder and reverence for countless thousands of visitors and those who watch on television the annual Christmas carol festival broadcast from there every year. (more...)

The Arthurian Tradition
The Arthurian Tradition
Our Price : £13.99
Author : John Matthews
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The myths and legends of King Arthur and his knights, of the enchanter Merlin, and of their quests and adventures, form one of the greatest cycles of stories ever composed. In this book the most important tales are explored in depth by one of the world's best known authorities on this subject. Also included are a series of meditational exercise to help the reader find his or her way to the heart of the Arthurian mysteries. (more...)
The Grail Tradition
The Grail Tradition
Our Price : £6.99
Author : John Matthews
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The story of the Grail and those who seek it remains one of the most enduring myths known to the West. In this book the stories and legends are explored in depth and the ongoing spiritual Quest outlined by a world-renowned authority on the subject. Also included are a series of meditational exercises to help the seeker find his or her own way to the heart of the Grail. (more...)
Imaginal Reality : Volume Two : Voidcraft
Imaginal Reality : Volume Two : Voidcraft
Our Price : £21.99
Author : Aaron B. Daniels
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This current volume moves more explicitly into the practice of magic - that is, the ongoing journey of claiming our lives more fully and deeply. This cultivation of intentionality and vision, though never a one-time decisive victory, can become a more habitual attitude. To gird these hard-fought realizations, this volume presents the other four voids in detail.

1. Nothingness: Individual things and the thing-sets with which we populate our worlds are the set-dressings that illustrate the scripts guiding our life plays.

2. Meaninglessness: The world will never, to us, yield either fundamental meaning, or some ultimate "point". The process of meaning-making is the meaning of life.

3. Freedom and Responsibility: Only through claiming life in its structural truth, through a responsiveness to the imaginal reality of life, can we truly live out the freedom that is always, already, our birthright.

4. Change and Finitude: Nothing abides and any clinging to concepts rooted in "permanence" will yield a bitter and morbid shadow.

Taking a hard gaze at the "imagination of magic", these texts endeavor to bring us more fully face to face with the existential voids that define the true limits of our lives, but also create the stage upon which our lives unfold.

We are storied creatures, living our narratives with every act, every intention, and every value judgment. We hunger to claim our authority, our authorship, but we scarcely know how. Doing magic - as opposed to being done by magic - is the process of claiming some of the technology of meaning, desire, choice, intent, language, representation, and identity for our own ends.

This is Volume Two of Imaginal Reality, a work that has been described as "The finest book on contemporary existential magic I've ever read" (George Holochwost, Magus (1°), Illuminates of Thanateros).

Readers will dive deeper into the imagination of magic and learn to develop the fictional gaze necessary to claim authority and authorship of their lives. This second volume contains an extensive glossary of over 300 scholarly entries on esotericism, existentialism, psychology, and the magical revival. (more...)

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