Jonathan Treasure

Jonathan Treasure is a British medical herbalist living in Southern Oregon. He graduated in medical sciences from Cambridge University and in herbal medicine from the UK School of Phytotherapy. An author, international speaker and blogger, he has been described as a thought leader in western herbal medicine for his critical contributions to the theory and philosophy of herbalism. His dual expertise in traditional herbalism & biomedical science makes for an accessible interdisciplinary approach, exemplified by the acclaimed textbook Herb, Nutrient and Drug Interactions and his clinical practice, which specializes in botanical medicine for people with cancer.

Cannabis and Cancer: The Thinking Patient’s Guide

Cannabis and Cancer: The Thinking Patient’s Guide

by Jonathan Treasure

  • Paperback $34.99

The biggest challenge for cancer patients and caregivers wanting to learn more about using cannabis as a treatment for their cancer is the complete absence of reliable, informed and unbiased... (more)