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Event:Herbal Medicine for Aromatherapists (CPD class) - The Herbal Hub
Venue:Obus School of Healing Therapies, IRELAND
Extra Info:While aromatherapists love and use plant extracts (that’s what essential oils are after all!) there are many other herbal extracts that can easily be made at home and combine beautifully with essential oils to enhance treatments. Herbal infused oils such as arnica, calendula (marigold) and comfrey are widely available from aromatherapy suppliers and are often used as base oils by aromatherapists but there are dozens of options for using other therapeutic herbs to make your own infused oils to help to treat a wide variety of conditions in your clinic. Other topical herbal treatments include poultices, compresses and linaments. These techniques are easy to use when you know how and are deeply therapeutic. There are dozens of local medicinal herbs growing around you such as daisy, plantain, mullein etc. There are also culinary herbs with medicinal properties e.g. rosemary, thyme, sage etc that can be put to good use in topical treatments too. Extracts can be made from herbs bought in from professional herbal suppliers or grown and dried at home.

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